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It is three stories tall, has 250 rooms, and contains 3,500 LEGO models!

via BOOK YOUR SUMMER VACATION NOW: The New Legoland Hotel! [Gallery] | Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

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Our DeLorean V2.1 was by far our most popular and highly praised item we have ever offered. But we decided it was time for something new, something sleeker and better built. Our Version 4.0 retains the same smooth hover-mode wheel system that made V2.1 so popular, however it is now wrapped up in a stronger frame while also allowing a lower height to more accurately match the real DeLorean DMC-12.

I had no clue there were custom lego sets out there that you could buy…I think this is going on my wishlist…

via ICHIBAN Toys BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 V4.0 – Custom LEGO Model : Back to the Future.

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Product Features

Includes 3 minifigures: Batman, The Joker and henchman
Features The Joker?s helicopter and Batwing
The Joker?s helicopter features henchman pilot, 4 flick missiles, rope ladder and ?toxic laughing gas? bomb release function
Batwing features 2 flick missiles and bomb release function
The Joker?s helicopter measures 7? (20cm) long, Batwing measures over 8? (22cm) wide

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Is very nice, though I think it’s a custom job and not available for purchase.